The other day I had a visit to our studio by a mum of 3 teenage kids. She looked tired: tired of being unfit; tired of puffing when doing the daily chores, let alone climbing up a set of stairs. She told me she had tried all the usual diets, plus a few other extreme ones as well.

Of course she had lost some weight, but it always managed to creep back on with interest. Exercise was never really attempted as it is hard to do when you’re overweight and puff just walking to the car. The thought of going to the gym scared her. All those mirrors made her cringe.

Breakfast? What’s that? It is sometimes 3 pm before she has something to eat. By then she is usually starving and reaches for the wrong foods and, of course, eats too much. After a little tour of our studio, she started nodding her head. I could tell right away that she felt comfortable. I began explaining how we would slowly introduce her to the exercise side of our program and with Metabolic Nutrition we would teach her how to beat cravings, eat lots of yummy food and never feel hungry. Her nodding continued and a little smile started to appear on her face. I had the feeling she had not felt like this in a long time. I wanted to hug her.  She is counting down the days until she starts training with us and is looking forward to creating some new sustainable habits.

I will keep you posted on her progress and look forward to revealing her success – when she is more confident and excited about the changes she is making.  She has a name. She has a face. But I know she could be one of many mums in our community. One of the many mums who just needs a big hug.

She could even be you?