About Me


I help guide people to become an improved version of themselves.

Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Disability support worker.


When I am asked what I do for a living, I try not to say I am a personal trainer. For some people it conjures up images of a drill sargeant standing over a soldier making them crawl through mud and flip tyres.

That is so far from what I do that it makes me shudder.

Our clients range from people with injuries to those with life-long disabilities; Mums who just want to have some “me time” to those wanting to shed the baby fat now their youngest has turned 16! There’s office workers who have the posture of a praying mantis and tradies who are constantly in a bent over position; school teachers who are on their knees and have stiff necks and nurses who are constantly on their feet. Then there are those who have had a life-time battle with their weight, fitness, health and wellbeing. They are sick of trying everything and yo-yoing back to where they started.

We have a rule of no judgement. Everyone starts at the beginning and before long, they are helping the other new clients.

I am certainly not one of those trainers who passes you the weights and counts your reps. Our FIRE program actually teaches you how to correct the technique of your partner and in turn assists you with your own technique – you watch, you do, you feel, you suceed.

With our nutrition students we develop goals and an action plan together. I check in on them, but don’t like to badger – it is their life, their decision and I am still learning the best ways to deal with each person. We are all very individual human beings, and a cookie cutter mentality does not work with everyone.

That is where the “Personal” in Personal Training is important. An individual approach to everyone’s goals, ability and level of committment is vital. 

My Approach & Values


If you are after a quick fix – you are welcome to keep googling, buying trashy magazines or following 7 day detox diets. No judgement, but if they worked – wouldn’t you be where you wanted to be already? 

After 20 plus years in the fitness industry, it is evidence that builds results. 

Firstly identifying, owning up to and admitting the bad mistakes. Denial can be the biggest obsticle to get past. Once everything is on the honesty table, only then can changes be made. 

Change – that is ultimately what a transformation is all about. Unless you are prepared to make changes, I am never going to be able to help you and you are not going to be able to help yourself. Sometimes it is a 12 month journey; sometimes it is a lot longer. Remember we have been around for a while and those old habits die hard. 

I am here to hold your hand, guide you and walk beside you on your journey to change.

My Experience

  • Group Fitness Instructor since 2000
  • Personal Trainer since 2005
  • Wellness Coach since 2007
  • Business owner since 2008
  • Disability Support worker since 2018

My Education

  • Diploma of Business (Tourism)
  • Cert 4 in Fitness
  • Cert 4 in Life Coaching
  • Cert 4 in Disability

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Fun & Fitness

It doesn’t have to be burpees and vomit! Our ICE sessions are all about working to your own ability plus a little bit more. We all know that working with a trainer is going to get much better results than working on your own – it’s too easy to give up when you have no-one there encouraging you. 

Support from others

We are all in this together!
Regardless of your starting fitness level – we all have to start somewhere. Sometimes I just sit back and watch our community and feel super proud of what we have created. They constantly encourage each other and support those who require a little more help.


In 2019 we held our first ever “retreat” to Dunkeld. It was a fabulous weekend of hiking, great food, lots of fun, yoga, art, self-defence class and just enjoying supporting each other. We are hoping to be able to do another weekend at the end of 2020 pending restrictions.

Glenelg Shire Council Inclusive Business of the Year 2019

Everything we stand for.
Everything we have worked towards.
Everything we are proud of.
Wow – what an honour to be named Inclusive Business of the Year in 2019 Glenelg Shire Council Business Awards.
It felt like the Logies!
We aim to continue providing a supportive environment for all to enjoy well into the future.

Absolutely love the supportive environment. Every one is challenged in their own ways and can work towards their own goals. It's a great community!


Well I train with PT@home because I want to know that I’m training the right way like lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ the correct way and using the machines the right way so I don’t damage my self


Carrie, I appreciate the fact that you are so supportive, give great guidance, don't put pressure on me and you made my rehab from my first knee replacement so enjoyable. With your guidance I was much better prepared, both physically and mentally, for the second knee operation.


Everyone feels accepted. It can be as hard or easy as you like and I still feel pushed when I want and can take it easy when tired.

 Love it ❤️ Steph

You motivate me, when I’m unmotivated!