PT@Home is an inclusive place to exercise no matter what your fitness or body shape. Carrie and Steve make you feel fully supported and it’s so much fun!


PT@home is a fantastic supportive and safe environment to start your fitness journey. Carrie is fantastic at tailoring workouts to suit each person and their needs. Everyone is supportive and all achievements are celebrated.


I love the fact that Carrie will personalise our program to meet our ability. She is so passionate and professional in what she does. An extremely caring and motivating person and community who makes you feel so welcome. Love it!


I have realised I don’t have to train as hard to get the results. Results come from balancing the food and exercise. Nutrient Timing is the key! Reducing Exercise is OK!!

I learnt that having my food prepared and planned helps make compliance sooo much easier….

I started training with PT@home and following mp-body to see if I could make sustainable changes to my eating. Most of the time my diet was good; however I have always relied on exercise to fix my food indulgences. Last year I found with entering menopause and a few niggly but persistent injuries I was starting to store weight especially in my middle/stomach, and this had never happened before!!!  MP and Carrie taught me that I can’t out-train a bad diet. It is just a matter of eating the right things around my exercise. 

I wanted to learn how I could change the way I exercise and eat to improve my metabolism, shape and look after my body so I could keep exercising into my golden oldie years. I learnt that more exercise is actually harmful to my poor body. I now give my body time to recover so I can perform at my peak at my next workout.

I have learnt how to reduce my exercise and get better results. No more niggling injuries; and I can’t believe I love omelettes!

I am still adjusting and being conscious of trying to eat 5-6 meals a day. This will take a while to become natural to me, but the challenge will be to stick at it and not fall back into old habits. I have really enjoyed the nutrition meetings and mentoring by Carrie and the group. There are lots of laughs, stories and trading recipe ideas. Now to book in for that Tattoo!! 



“The biggest thing I have learnt is that I can eat more food, exercise less and get better results.”

The training was EXACTLY what I had been searching for. For over 12 months I ate once a day and trained 2-3 hours most days. It was taking over my life and the weight wouldn’t move. I had been to dietitians, nutritionists, doctors and trainers galore!!! Carrie showed me how to train smarter, how to eat and how to get over mental barriers. Carrie knew she had a hard nut to crack when she took me on. Carrie didn’t just crack me; she blew me into a whole new world that will change my life forever. She educated me, gave me the support I needed and has been there checking on my progress ever since. A truly caring and dedicated trainer.

“When I first met Carrie she told me how she could teach me to eat more and exercise less. I was sceptical.  I smirked and thought “whatever”!  After discussions with a girlfriend, we both decided to take the plunge and try this MP-body program. We were both starving from eliminating food and exhausted from over-exercising. I started to see results straight away which kept me focused. It was the small things; not huffing and puffing in the hot weather, being able to bend over and do up my shoe laces, no more back pain (I broke my spine in 3 places when I fell off a bridge at age 14), sleeping all night, no more chaffing and best of all, no more tugging at my clothes to make them fit properly.

I am going to keep doing MP forever because it’s easy; it’s so so easy with consistent results, LOTS OF YUMMY FOOD (including chocolate) and lots of energy and happiness to share.”

Footnote: Trish moved interstate when only half way through completing her first 12 week challenge. She was very diligent in keeping up with her training on her own and also recording her meal compliance. She kept in contact with Carrie via social media. 


My most important goal was to feel good. I wanted to have energy to get out of bed in the morning. This was achieved by following the program, incorporating FIRE and ICE training as well as the Metabolic nutrition. I am starting to look good and once again be proud of my body.

I entered the MP 12 Week Challenge to improve my health, lose weight and most importantly to work on my mental well-being. After suffering depression for nearly 5 years, I’m in the position that I can begin to come off my medication. However one thing that still gets me down is the look of my body. I want to be happy, healthy and look as good as I feel.

The biggest thing I have learnt about is MYSELF!! I have learnt that I am strong, determined and worth the effort. I have gained a better relationship with my children and husband. My new-found confidence has pulled me out of that big dark hole that I saw no way out of. I now have the skills to gain control of life. Starting to come off my depression medication was something I never thought I could do. This program has not only pulled my life into order, but has seen changes in my whole family. 

My kids are embracing all the yummy food that is now in the fridge. I find I have to do my veggie and fruit chop-up several times a week as they are going to the fridge and helping themselves to the containers. 

I am becoming the mum and woman I want my daughters to see. I want them to see I value myself and will work hard for them so I will always be around for them.