FIRE Training


Improve how your body functions.


  • Workouts are just 30 minutes in duration.
  • Just 2 workouts a week! Upper body and lower body.
  • Improve problems with your posture!
  • Science-based & research proven!
  • Trigger amazing improvements in strength!
  • Smash training & weight loss plateaus!
  • Experience positive changes in health & body shape!
  • No matter what your goal or fitness level!
  • FIRE is a 10 week program offered in small groups (up to 4 people).
  • We exercise together for motivation & support.
  • Learn how to perform the exercises in a safe and supervised environment.
  • The only “non-surgical” way to change your body shape.
  • Be a part of our amazing community – you’ll want to exercise with us!

The truth is, guys really want a six pack and females desire a firm, shapely body, bursting with vitality. Don’t waste months or years of time & effort. Fast-track your progress safely & effectively by working with a genuine FIRE expert – Carrie will guide your body through the movement patterns required to maintain strong posture in every day activities.


The next FIRE program begins in Term 3 on Monday 13th July, 2020. Limited numbers are available. Applications are open now.