Simple steps to follow.

When I first meet with new clients for a chat about their wellness, they tell me all the things that are wrong – their life, their job, their body, their family etc. Then we talk about what it is they are actually looking for; what do they want? Sometimes this is a scary realisation as they have never actually stopped and thought about it before. They just know that some aspects are not working well.

Ultimately what we come around to is that they require CHANGE in one or more sectors of their life. There are usually a few links. For example: lack of sleep can lower your sex drive, weaken your immune system, cause thinking issues, and lead to weight gain.

Here are a few quick tips that may help you along the way.
  1. Realise you need to change. This usually happens when you FEEL like shit, LOOK like shit, or you are LOSING your shit!
  2. Decide what has to change first. Again this can be confronting; letting go of ego, past behaviours and beliefs is bloody hard.
  3. Ask yourself “what are you prepared to do to change?” What are you willing to give up, let go or surrender?
  4. Get uncomfortable. Change won’t happen doing what you have always done. Change won’t happen while you sit on the couch. One step at a time.
  5. Get help. Don’t pretend you can do it on your own. If that was the case, you would have already done it. That is ok too.


Seeing this photo of me on the left three years ago was my tipping point. I had just given a presentation to a group of Workskills students about nutrition and exercise. It was a wake up call. I followed the five tips above and it was the final one that tied it all together. I enlisted the guidance of 2-time Miss natural Olympia Sharlene Sault for 12 months – yes, an entire year to help me explore, own up to and alter my lifetime habits. 

Wellness Coaching consultations available one on one due to COVID restrictions via Zoom or Facetime. Introductory session FREE of charge. Contact for an appointment.