When we get back to “normal” – what ever that means.

There is no doubt our lives have been turned upside down this year. Some of us are all of a sudden without employment, purpose or worth. Others are suddenly home schooling, caring for vulnerable loved ones or working from home. Each time there is an announcement by our Prime Minister or Premier, we hold our breath, waiting to see what is coming next and how it will impact our lives.

Each of us has handled the situation very differently – there is no right or wrong, just our own experiences. For me it was a huge change. I no longer had contact with my training clients – around 80 people each week that I would see personally a few times. Our little PT@home community was no longer. The first week or two were terrible. I felt as though I wasn’t contributing and an entire part of my world was gone – I no longer had a purpose. After chatting with a few mentors I recognised that I was actually grieving. (Giving it a name meant I could move forward in a solution-focused process which worked for me).

I set about creating a new normal; a different normal: no more waking up to the alarm; more time for longer beach walks in the morning; no more filling every second of the day with phone calls, emails, client visits; more time for renovating and doing those things that have been on the “to do” list for years. I also decided to challenge myself and start learning about meditation, journalling more regularly, finishing off some study and also putting myself in front of the camera filming live facebook videos doing exercises, stretches and cooking demonstrations. And ZOOM: What is that? I’m now a zoom-master and it looks like that will be the new normal into 2021. I also started volunteering for Portland Meal Share, another bucket list item.

But, what will happen when our world returns to pre-COVID, (when ever that may be?). How will I manage doing my new-found activities and slower-paced life when I go back to training/working for 13 hours each day? That is the scary part; trying to figure out what I want to hold onto and what I will want to give up. Maybe I don’t want to work those long hours any more? Maybe I want to continue enjoying not having to wake up to an alarm? Strangely I am grateful for having had this experience of testing the waters and trying new things. What about YOU?

I know there are some things I will certainly hold onto – the meditation and journalling and also the video filming. I am no longer petrified every time I press record. I’ve learnt new skills, built the PT@home facebook community and turned my focus into making sure our viewers are inspired, educated and encouraged to take small steps to improve their health and well-being.

My quiet corner is being utilised much more these days. Reading, meditation and journaling are here to stay.

Your challenge!

  • make a list of all the things you are not able to do now due to the restrictions
  • cross off the things that you think you can really do without or don’t wish to do any more
  • make a separate list of all the new things you have been doing since COVID entered your world
  • cross off the items that you don’t wish to do when the restrictions are fully lifted and highlight those you wish to keep. These will become part of your new normal.

*This is meant to be a thought provoking activity – there is no right or wrong – just a bit of fun and a positive slant on the shit-fight we have been enduring.