According to the dictionary, fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat. As kids we may have been frightened of the dark. We read books that conjured up images of monsters and boogie men hiding behind dark trees. Deep down, we knew there were no wicked monsters, but we still got sweaty palms.

Then, I started to think about what we are scared of as adults. Obviously we are beyond the boogie monster, but we still have that same sense of fear when we try something new or find ourselves out of our comfort zones. But what are we scared of: is it fear of failure, non-acceptance or that we may make an idiot of ourselves? These are all normal and healthy emotions that can be overcome. I then started to think about how our clients are at times “shit scared” when they first come and train with us. They are scared of the unknown. Perhaps someone told them they will vomit! They don’t want to have other people see their rolls or bits of fat wobble. Perhaps they feel as though they are unfit and will stand out from the crowd. These are all normal emotions.

Training on my own, I am fearful of every session I complete – especially Leg Day! Having a healthy fear keeps me focused and driven to improve with each session. If I wasn’t a little scared, I don’t think I would be reaching my potential.
Steve’s and my job is to make sure you feel welcome and supported when you come and train with us. We will not push you to breaking point like on the “Biggest Loser”. We will not reduce you to tears. We will hold your hand and safely take you to places you have never been before. We will get those endorphins pumping, your heart pounding and hopefully have you leaving with a smile on your face, pleased with your effort, and looking forward to returning again soon. Before too long, you will be wondering why you were scared. you will be encouraging newcomers to swallow their fears.
Join our ICE sessions and beat your fears.